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Reusable Products

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Reusable packaging

Why Reusable?

Save the environment with One time Investment

One Cup VS. Multiple messy, expensive and unreliable disposable pads​.


Menstrual cup can last for up to 10 years though international brands suggests to change your cup every 2-4 years depending on your preference. But hey! as long as it works without issue, no rush to change your cup!

Say goodbye to rash caused by Disposable plastic pads

Menstrual cup and Reusable Cloth pads or Panty Period to the rescue! No more rashes caused by harmful chemicals added in disposable pads plus the plastic that irritates your intimate area. 


Our Haliya Cup is made of 100% Medical grade silicone (Imported from Germany), while our Haliya Pad and Period Panty is locally made using chemical free materials from snap button (Food grade), ink used in printing the design, down to the absorbent layer of organic bamboo fiber.

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