Frequently Asked Questions

Haliya Cup ~ Cloth Pad

What is a Cloth Pad?

A reusable cloth worn in the underwear to collect menstrual fluid (blood from uterine lining).
credits: wikipedia

What are the materials used in Haliya Pad?

• Outer Material:
~ Waterproof PUL
~ Food grade safety buttons

• Inner Material:
~ 1 layer bamboo fiber- Soft and Reduces bacteria growth
~ 2 layers microfiber - Strong absorption

Will Cloth pads leak?

Cloth pads are highly absorbent than disposable pads and have a waterproof outer cloth, however just like disposable pads you may experience leak if not worn correctly. You will also need to change your pad before it is totally saturated or feels wet.

What does Haliya Pad differs from other cloth pads in the market?

The materials used in the cloth are imported while the pads itself are locally designed and put together by our locals.

Can I use Haliya pad during pregnancy and for postpartum use?

Yes you can! Using our cloth pad during this time is much better than using disposable pads as our product is Chemical Free.

What is the lifespan of Cloth pad?

Cloth pads can last for 1-4yrs depending on how you take care of it and how often you use it.

How do I change cloth pad when I'm not at home?

Remove the used cloth pad, fold accordingly and store it in a wet bag or pouch. Wash and presoak once you get home.

Can I still use Cloth pad on Heavy days?

Yes. Cloth pads are highly absorbent than disposable pads.

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