Why Haliya?

Not very known to many, aside from our usual folklore of manananggal, aswangs etc. We also have our own Deities or Gods and Goddesses.

Haliya is bicolano’s Goddess of the Moon.
She is a Warrior Goddess who wears a mask of gold to hide her beauty.

We chose this name as our branding to bring out the courage we sometimes try to hide beneath a mask.

We, like everyone else at first was very much afraid of starting a brand. We will need to have a voice, a voice so loud that it should send a message across people who rarely listens.

We are Haliya itself, a warrior in hiding. Afraid of committing mistakes, of not pleasing everyone we come across with but is now slowly taking small steps to unmask ourselves.

We hope to bring out the warrior in you too. And together, hopefully uncover and recover the beauty of giving a damn on the earth’s need to breathe from plastics.

Unmask yourselves and be not afraid to be heard. Be a voice of what you believe in. Speak.

Let’s S.E.E. ~ Share. Encourage. Educate

ūüĆúIllustration of Haliya from dear friends of¬†@alunigph

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate all menstruating FilipinX on safer and reusable alternatives to disposable menstrual products..

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a society of Zero Waste menstruating FilipinX, where reusable alternative is the normal choice.

We promote reusable menstrual products as alternatives to disposable pads

We are not practicing zero waste at our home perfectly, we still use single used plastic bags, we sometimes forget to bring eco bags when running an errand in the market, etc., but this makes us want to put in more effort to help lessen the waste as much as possible. We want to be a brand that cares, breaking the norm of selling or buying online means more single used plastics and bubble wraps. 

Before we started this brand, we’ve been thinking of different lucrative businesses to open but we always go back to this — to sell eco friendly products, to help all the existing brands that does the same in voicing out the mission and vision we all shared. We want to build a community that cares and give a damn to the future earth we are going to leave for the next generations.¬†

In our own little way, we hope to sell with this purpose and then Let’s S.E.E ~ Share, Encourage, Educate.

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