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Haliya Cup ~ Menstrual Cup

Is Haliya Cup FDA Registered?

Yes. You may check it here, type haliyacup with no spaces in Proprietary Name to check the result.

Is Haliya Cup made of Medical Grade Silicone?

Yes, Haliya cup is made of 100% Medical grade silicone and goes through intensive quality tests per batch produced. Our manufacturer has been in the industry since 2012.
Materials used in creating Haliya cup are all imported from Germany.

What is a Menstrual Cup?

A menstrual hygiene device which is inserted into the vagina during menstruation. Its purpose is to collect menstrual fluid (blood from the uterine lining mixed with other fluids).
credits: wikipedia

What is the difference between Menstrual Cup and tampon/disposable pads?

Tampon and pads absorbs menstrual fluid while Menstrual cup collects it. Like tampon, menstrual cup is inserted inside the vagina canal.

Does it hurt? Can I feel it inside my body?

No. You'll know you properly inserted the menstrual cup when you don't feel it.

Can a virgin use a Menstrual Cup?

Yes you can! Anyone regardless of age and sexual experience can use menstrual cup. Extra small sized cup is available for teens to help them adjust easier. Water-based Lubes are also suggested for easier insertion.

Can Menstrual Cup break the hymen?

Yes it can. The hymen is the entrance to the vagina which is a loose distensible piece of flesh. It can be easily broken with the simplest of actions including dancing, splits, horse riding etc.
credits: wikipedia

Does Menstrual Cup interferes with pooping or urinating?

No. Menstrual cup sits inside the vagina canal while we urinate through urethra and poop comes out from the anus.
You don't have to remove the menstrual cup while urinating and pooping.

Can Menstrual Cup makes my vagina bigger?

Vagina returns back to its normal size and shape when menstrual cup is removed.

Can I use Menstrual Cup while swimming, biking or any other form of workout?

Yes! You can do anything that you normally do when you don't have your period. You can swim, dive, surf, yoga, run etc. No dirty and smelly pads to stop you.

When should I change/buy new Menstrual Cup?

Menstrual cup is made of medical grade silicone that can last up to 10yrs. International brands for Menstrual cup though recommends to change it every 2-4yrs.

Can I have sex while wearing Menstrual Cup?

No. Menstrual cup sits in the vagina canal so it is not possible. With menstrual cup though, it is easier to explore other form of intimacy even during your period. 😉

Can a Menstrual Cup get lost inside my body?

No. Menstrual cup sits right below the cervix to collect menstrual blood. Cervix has a very small opening that a menstrual cup can't fit in. It only opens up when giving birth.

Can blood go back to my body when I'm upside down?

No. Blood will not flow right back to your uterus. During menstrual cycle, uterus muscles keeps on pushing menstrual blood out from the uterus. Collected blood will just circle around the space between your cervix wall and menstrual cup.

Can Menstrual Cup hold heavy flow?

It can! Menstrual cups are designed to stay put when properly inserted. No heavy flow can make it fall to your legs.

Can I get bacterial infection from using Menstrual Cup?

Infection is a rare complication of menstrual cup use. And when infection does occur, it's more likely to result from the bacteria on your hands and transferred to the cup than from the actual cup. credits: healthline

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