Haliya ~ Goddess of the Moon (Bicol Region)

Not very known to many, aside from our usual folklore of manananggal, aswangs etc. We also have our own Deities or Gods and Goddesses.

Haliya where our branding name came from is Bicolano’s Goddess of the Moon. Haliya was a warrior goddess who wears a mask of gold to hide her beauty. In Philippine Mythology, Haliya was the name of a lunar Goddess. She was said to be so beautiful that the sea goddess Bakunawa fell in love with her and sought her affections.

We chose this name as our branding to bring out the courage we sometimes try to hide beneath a mask.

We, like everyone else at first was very much afraid of starting a brand. We will need to have a voice, a voice so loud that it should send a message across people who rarely listens.

We are Haliya itself. A warrior in hiding. Afraid of committing mistakes, of not pleasing everyone we come across with but is now slowly taking small steps to unmask ourselves.

We hope to bring out the warrior in you too. And together, hopefully uncover and recover the beauty of giving a damn on the earth’s need to breathe from plastics.

Unmask yourselves and be not afraid to be heard. Be a voice of what you believe in. Speak.

Let’s S.E.E. ~ Share. Encourage. Educate

🌜Illustration of Haliya from dear friends of @alunigph

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